Caleb’s First Easter

Easter is finally here! We spent this Easter very different from last year. As a parent, I feel as though there are more decisions that have to be made now: when to do the Easter basket, what to make for Easter dinner, what to wear (that is cute and easy to nurse in), and how to explain Easter to our son. My parents never really focused on the Easter bunny growing up. I had an understanding that Jesus died a horrible death for my sins and he had risen. I want Caleb to know the true meaning of Easter, but I want him to have fun with it as well. So as he grows up, I imagine he will have Easter baskets and gifts, but we will be sure to go to church and talk about Jesus too.


Taking a family photo after church, soon after this photo was taken Caleb spit up all over his outfit.


Caleb thought his new Whinnie the Pooh was a chew toy.


My first home-made strawberry lemon bunt cake.


Jolie’s First Easter

Христос Воскрес! (Christ is Risen!)

Since I grew up overseas, I have only celebrated Easter a few times in the States. In Almaty we celebrate the original story of Easter without a creepy bunny. Looking at my daughter this weekend, I have understood a little bit more what God did for us that day. I will never be able to fully comprehend the sacrifice God made, but I cannot imagine putting my daughter on a cross to save the people in this world who are more concerned with eggs and bunnies than salvation.

Now that we are parents, we face each holiday with many decisions – how to celebrate, and how to teach Jolie the reason behind these celebrations. She is still a baby and it may not be a big deal yet, but we want to start our traditions right. She will probably participate in egg hunts one day, but I hope that we will always focus on the Resurrection so that she will never forget what Jesus did for her.


We gave Jolie the Easter Story in her wee basket.  


We spent Easter morning with our fantastic church family. As you can see, it is Jolie’s favorite place to be!


My grandfather was in the hospital so we crowded into his room and celebrated together. I’m pretty sure this will be my favorite Easter memory for a while.



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