Visitors for Caleb and Jolie

What a crazy, fun week this has been! My family got a great BIG surprise last week. My cousin Jesse (also known as Landon) called to let us know that when he came in to town for work on April 1st from Florida, he would be bringing some very precious cargo…my Nonnie (grandma). At first we thought it might be an April fools joke, because that is something my cousin Jesse would do. I’m happy to say, though, that they really did fly in! My Nonnie is like my second mother – maybe because she reminds me so much of my mommy. I love her very much and I’m so excited to have her here. She has raised five children and always has wonderful advice to give me about parenting (like freezing wash cloths for chew toys to help with teething…who’d of thought?). One day, Caleb will appreciate all of Nonnie’s wisdom, but for now, all he cares about is the extra attention she has given him…well, at least while I’m holding him (he’s a mamas boy).

Last night, while watching my Nonnie hold my baby, I had a flash back to being a child. When I was younger I had a great imagination. Nonnie would always play into my make-believe games. My favorite was playing “mommy.” I used to treat my baby dolls as if they were my babies. Nonnie would sit for hours and play “mommy” with me. I remember watching her as a child and dreaming about the day she would sit with me and hold my “real” baby – last night that dream came true.

I’m not sure how long Nonnie will be staying, and in that aspect she kinda reminds me of Mary Poppins. She just pops in and out, spreading joy. I’m so excited about all the special memories my family will make while she is here, though! Even as I’m writing this, I can hear my mom and Nonnie in the kitchen laughing and it warms my heart!



Jolie’s grandparents all live overseas. My parents work in Turkey and Viktor’s mom lives in Kazakhstan. My parents got to meet her when she was born, but this is how Jolie has seen them for the past 4-5 months.

photo 1

They flew back this week and it was so exciting to watch Jolie “meet” them face to face again!

photophoto 5photo 4 photo 3

She is going to be so spoiled these next six months.



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