Pregnancy Q & A

Over the next few weeks we are going to be sharing all about pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum adventures from many moms. We want to hear your answers in the comments or on our facebook page, and we will select some of our favorites to share on the blog. 

How did you find out?

*Amanda* I was a day late and very hopeful that I was pregnant. After taking a few tests in the past that were negative, I tried not to get my hopes up. When I got home from work I figured, “what the heck,” I’ll take a test. I said a silent prayer that I would finally see a positive test. In that moment, jokingly, I think God said, “Okay, Amanda.” Six tests later, that all read positive, I was convinced.


*Grace* I realized there might be a reason for all of my afternoon naps so I decided to pick up a test and take it the next morning. Of course I couldn’t sleep thinking about it so at 3 a.m. I told Viktor “I’m going to go check.” He had no idea what I meant since he had been sleeping soundly. I waited what felt like hours in the bathroom and got a positive! It wasn’t really a surprise but the reality of it all was a little overwhelming. I wasn’t going to wait until morning with that kind of information, so I got back in bed and whispered, “I’m pregnant.” Neither of us got any more sleep that night. 


What did you expect pregnancy to feel like? How did it actually feel?

*Amanda* I thought it would be like the movies: Crazy cravings, cranky, throwing up, back pain. My pregnancy was great – I literally loved being pregnant! No morning sickness, I had a lot of energy (once I got into my second trimester), I was very calm, and no back pain (but I made up for that in labor). The only downside was being very swollen…the entire time…and even more so toward the end.

*Grace* I was somewhat terrified of pregnancy, the stretch marks, a person swimming around inside of me, and the whole idea of becoming a mom. I had a very uneventful pregnancy and enjoyed it. I looked for a baby bump in the mirror every morning until i finally started showing, and mistook every strange feeling for a baby kick until i learned the difference between gas and Jolie’s acrobatics.

20130424-112152.jpg Maternity-27

What was your strangest symptom?

*Amanda* I had two very strange symptoms. I naturally have platinum blonde hair, but when I was pregnant my roots came in black…. JET black! Also, I have perfect vision, but starting in my first trimester, I couldn’t see objects that were far away. Hours after delivery my vision came back and days later I noticed my hair lightening.


*Grace* I didn’t have many symptoms but the most annoying side effect was Braxton Hicks contractions. Most women start feeling them towards the end, but mine started at 22 weeks. Walking to the car, picking up something heavy, standing up too quickly, and whenever someone reached out to rub the belly I would get a contraction. Luckily they weren’t too uncomfortable until a few weeks before I delivered, and they prepared my body for labor. It was also the closest I will ever come to having a six-pack. My stomach was rock hard all the time. 


Now it’s your turn! Ready, set, GO!


3 thoughts on “Pregnancy Q & A

  1. With Peyton I had been charting my temps an when my temp went up the day Aunt Flo was supposed to come I suspected something was up. Tested and bam a positive!

    With Marlo I woke up feeling sick. I was supposed to go see my new nephew who was just out of the nicu and didn’t want to go if I was sick. I took an old cheapo pregnancy test and thought I saw a line. Took a pic, texted it to my BFF who said there wasn’t a line. It kept bothering me bc in the bathroom lighting it looked +. Outside light, it looked -. I grabbed Peyton and ran to Walmart. I was so flustered I forgot to brush mine and her teeth. Good thing it was Walmart, we fit right in! Came home with a good test, peed, bam a positive! I was semi in shock. We had taken a lets just see what happens in the next few months approach and the second month I was knocked up!

    My pregnancies were totally different but both pretty uneventful.

  2. My husband, Luke, and I started talking about babies. We decided to quit preventing, but to not start actively trying. I was with my husband, parents and brother in Boston. My brother was running the Boston Marathon and we were spectators. I kept getting car sick on our trips from our hotel to the city. My dad asked, “Are you pregnant?!” I said, “No, you’re crazy! I’m just car sick!” We had a great time in Boston.

    When we got home from Boston I went back to work. I was working nights at the time. For the first time ever, I fell asleep at the nurses station! That happened a few more times that week. I was horrified! When I was home, I was sitting on the couch and realized that I was still feeling carsick. I knew something was a little off so I took a pregnancy test. I had taken two before Boston and both were negative. This time, there was a big fat “pregnant” displayed on the screen. I screamed for my husband who ran in the bathroom thinking I was dieing. I told him I was pregnant, and we both stood there in shock. I said,”what do we do now?!” Luke responded with, “I don’t know! Call the doctor?” And that is exactly what we did 🙂 A couple days later I took another test to make sure it was true. It was definitely true. At the doctor we heard little Max’s heartbeat for the first time. We were soooooo excited.

    Pregnancy was not super fun for me. I was working full time, on my feet full time, and the nausea never went away. I didn’t throw up very much, although there were times I wished I could! While I was pregnant I remember thinking, “Gosh, I don’t know if I want to do this again.” I thought that multiple times. Haha!

    While I was sick and tired, I never had any pains. No Braxton hicks, no nothing. When I finally did go into labor I thought I was having my first Braxton hicks…until a little later of course 🙂

    After giving birth to Max and holding his precious body on my chest I thought, “Wow.” I was completely overwhelmed with love. I told Luke, “I could do this a bunch of times!”

  3. Love the blog!

    We got preggers right off, which we didn’t expect. I started feeling strange and so I took a test just for curiosity. It turned pink immediately but I left it in the bathroom and went and sat by my husband and waited the amount of time the box recommended. I think I thought it would change back?? Finally I realized that I was pregnant and, though extremely happy, I cried at the hugeness of the news.

    I had thoughts of a lovely, happy pregnancy where I enjoyed the belly and ate strange things. I wanted the cute pregnancy you see in the movies. In reality I was sick a lot. I even threw up the things that are supposed to help (Saltines). While I enjoyed the special times (feeling him move for the first time, hearing the heartbeat), I am looking forward to someday adding more to my family but not to the pregnancy part.

    I wanted red meat for every meal. I also ate a ton of cheese. I had a block of cheese at my desk at work and just carved off chunks to snack on throughout the day. I also couldn’t wear my contacts for most of pregnancy because they irritated my eyes. That went away as soon as I had him.

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