Pegnancy- your answers!


Last week we asked some questions about pregnancy and now we want to share some of our favorite answers!

How did you find out?

“My most memorable experience finding out I was pregnant was with my son, Colin (3rd child). We were at a Harvest Festival and our daughter Emily (who was 4 at the time) insisted on dressing up like a ballerina but everyone was supposed to dress up as Biblical characters. They had a parade to judge the costumes, but we kept her out of it since she wasn’t dressed as a Biblical character. There were a few kids who dressed in non Biblical costumes but participated. One of the winners was a pumpkin. I was so upset and even cried since I of course thought Emily’s costume was the most beautiful. This outburst caused my husband to wonder if something was wrong with me. A few days later, I found out that I was pregnant! My emotions were crazy in those first few weeks!”20130503-102251.jpg


“With Peyton I had been charting my temps an when my temp went up the day Aunt Flo was supposed to come I suspected something was up. Tested and bam a positive!
With Marlo I woke up feeling sick. I was supposed to go see my new nephew who was just out of the nicu and didn’t want to go if I was sick. I took an old cheapo pregnancy test and thought I saw a line. Took a pic, texted it to my BFF who said there wasn’t a line. It kept bothering me bc in the bathroom lighting it looked +. Outside light, it looked -. I grabbed Peyton and ran to Walmart. I was so flustered I forgot to brush mine and her teeth. Good thing it was Walmart, we fit right in! Came home with a good test, peed, bam a positive! I was semi in shock. We had taken a lets just see what happens in the next few months approach and the second month I was knocked up!”


How did pregnancy feel?

Pregnancy was not super fun for me. I was working full time, on my feet full time, and the nausea never went away. I didn’t throw up very much, although there were times I wished I could! While I was pregnant I remember thinking, “Gosh, I don’t know if I want to do this again.” I thought that multiple times. Haha! 
While I was sick and tired, I never had any pains. No Braxton hicks, no nothing. When I finally did go into labor I thought I was having my first Braxton hicks…until a little later of course. After giving birth to Max and holding his precious body on my chest I thought, “Wow.” I was completely overwhelmed with love. I told Luke, “I could do this a bunch of times!”


What was your strangest pregnancy symptom/side effect?

“I guess my strangest symptom was craving broccoli like a mad woman and not being able to nap… Which is weird because I was the napping queen pre-pregnancy!”


“I had pregnancy rhinitis which is basically like having a stopped up nose the entire time you are pregnant.”


“The strangest symptom for me was thirst. I felt like I could die from thirst. My strangest craving was pizza with maple syrup”

mtrav1 via Instagram

And here are some pictures of us as watermelons. 





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