Mother’s Day

Amanda’s Mother’s Day

My mother’s day started with a big country breakfast at my parents cabin, located in the heart of the blue ridge mountains.My husband and son brought me coffee in bed along with my gift card to Pottery Barn Kids, which is perfect because I have had my eye on some cute items for Caleb 🙂


On our way to Lexington, Va my dad wanted us to stop and take photos at this breathtaking waterfall.


Quick photo of Paul and I while Caleb is sleeping in our car. Don’t worry my dad was in the car with him 🙂


My family is always up for a photo shoot!


Caleb thought he was such a big boy because he got to sit in the “big boy” chair…not for long


Caleb dancing to the 90’s music during lunch


Outside the Stonewall Jackson home



Looking at this picture makes me want to snuggle with him right now! I have loved being Caleb’s mommy and I cant wait to see the wonderful person he will grow to be 🙂


Grace’s Mother’s Day

Technically this is my second year celebrating mother’s day. I was 20 weeks pregnant this time last year and finally starting to show. I was given flowers and candy (which was a big deal for this pregnant lady), and beamed when anyone wished me a Happy Mother’s Day. It was all so exciting, but I had no idea what it meant to be a mother.


 I was so focused on pregnancy that I didn’t know that meant I was a mom until Jolie was in my arms the day she was born. When someone would say I was already a mother I would smile and nod, but I wish I could have known what that meant.


I only have 7 months of experience being a mother, so my concept of motherhood will continue to change. For now, it means (still) waking up multiple times through the night to nurse my little girl. It means walking around my living room singing Patsy Cline songs at 2 a.m. with Jolie in her sling to distract her from teething pain and help her fall back to sleep. It means tossing all of the ideas I had while pregnant of my daughter sleeping in her crib or taking a bottle, and doing what works for my family; and it means asking and trusting everyday that God will give me wisdom in this new role as a mother. 20130514-095054.jpg

Motherhood is a sacrifice. It takes time, energy, and all the love that you never knew you had. 20130514-095119.jpgI have never been happier and more sleep deprived than I am now. Thanks Jolie, for changing my life and giving me so much joy! I would go through 15×15 more hours of labor for you. 

Happy Mother’s Day!


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