How I Conquered Bath Time


This picture sums up bath time in a nut shell! I thought to myself, will he ever like bath time? Will we ever be able to bathe him without dreading it? The answer is yes!

One day I just decided that, even though Caleb hated bath time, I was going to enjoy it. I started putting only his feet into the water so he could get a feel for it – then the rest of his body. I would splash in the water with his hands and tried to play with his bath toys. Bath after bath, there was no improvement. Same routine, same result. Caleb just hated bath time.

Finally, one day after putting his body into the water I took his hands and started splashing the water through his little fingers and I heard laughter! It was the best sound in the world! 

Now we enjoy bath time! 

IMG_0675 IMG_0678 IMG_0680 IMG_0681

This is Caleb’s way of saying, “the end…” 




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