8 Things About Grace’s 8 Month Old


1. Jolie is the energizer bunny.
2. She is very close to standing on her own. She uses anything around her to pull herself up and has no fear.

3. She loves berries and watermelon. She could eat her weight in blueberries.

IMG_5887 IMG_5890 20130607-104407.jpg
4. She knows when to be quiet an when to be loud. In large crowds of people she starts screaming and laughing to remind everyone she is there. She loves to sing (some might say scream) along during worship on Sundays.
5. She has an attachment to her pacifiers (i always said i wouldn’t be that mom….oh well no more judgement here) and has started playing a game where she tries to put the pacifier in your mouth and then takes it back with a bunch of giggles.

6. Still not sleeping through the night, but still as happy as ever when she does wake up and goes back to sleep quickly.

7. She gets excited when mom or dad comes in the room and speed crawls over to them. She also looooves when we chase her into the kitchen or other places she knows she shouldn’t be in.

8. She is acting less like a baby every day and It’s going way too fast.



Happy 8 Months, sweet girl!


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