9 Things about Grace’s 9 Month Old


1) She stands alone occasionally but doesn’t know she’s doing it.
2) She uses everything as a walker, including coffee tables and books.
3) She loves to sniff back and forth with us, especially during meals. She will look up at someone, crinkle her nose and blow/sniff, then waits for us to do it back.

4) She plays with her dad every evening when he gets home. She used to speed crawl over to him at the door but now she crawls towards him, looks up and gets in position, waiting for him to say “I’m gonna get you” so she can crawl away. My heart melts.
5) She says “mama” too often and appropriately for it to be a coincidence.
6) In the mornings when Jolie wakes up she tries to sit on our bed but falls over because she is still half asleep. Now she purposely falls backward onto the bed from a sitting position whenever we put her there.
7) She has bed-head finally!

8) She has made it through two whole church services in the nursery!
9) She is constantly moving, and only cuddles with someone for the first 3 minutes after waking up from a nap. She needs to be on those pampers cruisers commercials. She is such a fast crawler!

20130705-092632.jpg 20130705-091923.jpg 20130705-091917.jpg


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