Food Is Fun: Caleb’s Take On Solids

When I was pregnant, I was addicted to BabyCenter. I looked at it (probably) 3 times a day. I came across so many posts on breastfeeding, formula, baby food, when to start solids, etc.

I knew right away, that no matter what, I was going to nurse Caleb…check…that was one thing off my soon to be mommy list.

I thought I had at least 6 months before I would need to think about feeding Caleb solids. Not the case…

Dreaming about what he wants for lunch….


Caleb was a very small little boy and the doctor told me I needed to start feeding him solid food at 3, almost 4 months. Ummm, say what!?! On the way to the grocery store I was franticly reading my BabyCenter app. I always figured I would make his food, but honestly, I was so scared that I wouldn’t make it thin enough – Caleb still seemed so fragile.

I had never heard of BLW feeding until Grace tried it with sweet Jolie (click here to see the related post). Jolie is a BLW champ, but Caleb tends to choke even on his own spit, so I knew we couldn’t take that route.

We took the jar food route; now we also use pouches. At first Caleb would always spit out his food; now with every bite he makes a sweet little NOM noise. I like to give him his spoon with a small amount of food and he does a decent job about getting the food in his mouth.

IMG_0315IMG_0316IMG_0317  Caleb +Peas=Sad Face

Once our house is done and I get my kitchen back, I will be attempting to make Caleb’s baby food. I don’t think there is anything wrong with jarred food (obviously), but I would like to know 100% what is going in my son’s food.  We have also experimented with some “grown up” foods like watermelon and tomato, which Caleb has enjoyed.

I think I want apple- raisin…




Yes! I got what I wanted for lunch…

Products I love:

Earth’s Best- found at most major grocery stores and Babies R Us

Plum- found at most major grocery stores and Babies R Us

Ella’s Kitchen- I have only used their teething cookies and I found them at Martin’s

Caleb’s Favorites:

Anything with fruit

Sweet Potato

Potato and spinach

Caleb’s Dislikes:

Green Beans and Peas!


Now What’s For Dinner???? 



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