8 Things About Amanda’s 8 Month Old

1. He thinks everything is something to explore. Climbing on on anyone that will let him, playing in laundry baskets…..

2. He has cut his first tooth!! It’s a perfect tooth on the bottom.

3. He can crawls like an inch worm, especially if he is going after something he wants, like phones or iPads.

4. He can finally eat his teething cookies without choking. He really loves them and wants to show off how messy they are on his hands.

5. He has developed a liking for certain toys, he mostly likes to play with anything that makes music. He watched his auntie Loo Loo play the piano with her sheet music and he now tries to play the piano. He randomly stops to turn the sheet music then back to slamming the keys.

6. He has enjoyed some “grown up” food. He has tried watermelon and tomato.

7. He is pronouncing letters better. We can now tell the difference between T,N,M, and D.

8. He will sit for books and loves when I really act out or exaggerate certain words. His favorite is the Berenstain bears. We have special voices for each character. Sometimes he will try to take the book out of our hands, but usually enjoys be reading too.

IMG_1132 IMG_1152 IMG_1190 IMG_1427

IMG_0813 IMG_0816 IMG_0945 IMG_0950 IMG_0954


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