10 Things about Grace’s 10 Month Old

Jolie is 10 months old! I can’t believe it.


1. She has two big teeth and 4 top teeth have finally cut through.

2. She says mama, baby, and papa.

3. She claps whenever anyone says pat-a-cake and then rolls her hands if we keep singing.

4. She loves to have giggle parties. If something funny happens and we start laughing she joins in and looks at everyone like she got the joke a couple seconds late.


5. She raises her hands when we say “Praise the Lord!”

6. She has a great arm. She throws food, balls, toys, anything she has in her hand.

7. She can find her baby dolls in a pile of toys and gets super excited when she sees other kids.

8. She still doesn’t sleep through the night.

9. She loves drinking from straws more than sippy cups and refuses bottles.

10. She stands up for a few seconds on her own, gets the biggest grin when she realizes it, throws her hands up to celebrate and usually knocks herself out of balance. She’s working on it though! Any day now… She also just started getting from a sitting position to standing without pulling up on furniture or me. Adorable. 🙂

I just love her so much!







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