A few of Our Favorite things: Breast feeding Essentials

There are a ton of nursing gear, accessories, ointments, and positions that get a little overwhelming for new mommies. We thought we would share the top 5 items we couldn’t live without in those first few months breast feeding.



1) Nipple Ointment/cream. I started using Motherlove Nipple Cream a few months before Jolie was born and I am convinced that is why I never dealt with dryness or bleeding in those first weeks.

2) A manual breastpump. I knew I would be with Jolie pretty much 24/7 and wasn’t sure how often I would bottle-feed. I actually didn’t buy a pump until she was a couple weeks old and choking on my milk. I got the Avent Manual pump at walmart. I pumped before feeding her if I was engorged, and was able to build up a great freezer stash.

3) Nursing Cover. There are many reasons I love my cover. It keeps Jolie focused when we are in public (most of the time, or she just pulls it off), I can have a conversation with people without feeling uncomfortable or making them uncomfortable, and its a cute pattern.IMG_6162

4) Breast pads. I leaked a lot in the beginning. I tried some cloth pads, and a few different brands of disposables, but my favorite was lansinoh.

5)Receiving blankets/burp cloths. For the first three months I had to unlatch Jolie when i would have a let down if I hadn’t pumped before feeding. I put a receiving blanket or anything I could find between her and myself to catch the stream until it slowed down.



1) Medela Breast Pump– I used my breast pump a lot. I had a over supply of milk when I first started breastfeeding and then when Caleb was 4 months old my milk supply vanished. It would take me an entire day to pump one ounce. My breast pump really helped get my milk supply back up. I also used it a lot when I had mastitis’s.

2) Nipple Cream- Needless to say at first breastfeeding was not the most comfortable thing in the world and I used a lot of lansinoh. It really thick but ounce you rub some between your fingers for a little while its much easier to apply.

3) Nursing Cover- I Love Love Love my nursing cover. Its made by hooter hiders, you can find it here.

nursing cover

4) Storage Bags- My favorite brand is lansinoh.

5) Boppy pillow– Having a nursing pillow made my life so much easier. I also suggest getting a great cover for the pillow. I think the organic covers are the softest.


**Bonus- Having a good support system is key. We were lucky to have had a few friends that nursed before us, who were willing to help while we learned how to breastfeed.**



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