11 Things about Grace’s 11 Month Old


1. She’s walking everywhere!
2. She can whistle better than I can.
3. Dogs say “oof oof,” and cows go “ooo”
4. She points to absolutely everything.
5. She sings and is starting to dance with any music playing.

6. She signs “all done,” and sometimes says “a-da!”
7. She loves ice cream!

8. She stays in the nursery for the whole church service and loves it!

9. She thinks her Aunt is the funniest person in the world.
10. It’s amazing to see how much she is understanding now- she will point to a picture of herself playing a toy drum, then point to the same toy on the floor beside her; she points to a picture of Viktor and says “dada.”
11. She throws and drops everything, everywhere, all the time.




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