DIY Baby Shower Decorations: Zebra & Hot Pink


This is my best friend Brittany and I. When she was pregnant with my sweet goddaughter Keirra I helped throw her baby shower along with her mom and sister.

The main thing Brittany asked for was to not use typical baby shower colors like pastel pink or yellow. So I searched and searched for baby shower decorations that she would like. Her personality is very vibrant and nothing simple would do.I stumbled on the sweet sixteen decorations and thought perfect hot pink and zebra print! Brittany loved it!





We played the bottle game- fill baby bottles up with water or juice and see you can finish the bottle first. The second game we played was Bust the Belly- You take a balloon and put it under your shirt, break off into teams, see which team can bust the belly first by bouncing into each other. To make it really funny you can fill the balloons up with water, but we opted to skip that part for this shower.



How to Get the Look:

For the tables we found some cheap black table cloths at wal mart. I used zebra print wrapping paper for $2.00 and cut it into squares to make a placemate for the balloons. What I loved about using the balloons as the centerpiece is that it added drama and hight to the room.

What You Will Need For The Games:

Bust the Belly: All you will need is enough balloons for each member of the team.

Drink Up: As many baby bottles as you feel like buying and fill them up to about 4 ounces with water or juice. But water is the best, sometimes the juice can burn your throat.

Have fun planning your party!



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