9 Things About Amanda’s 9 Month Old

  1. He can now Crawl on all fours! Before he could only crawl like a little inch worm, now he can keep up with Jolie…well sometimes.
  2. He loves the merry-go-round. When we were at the beach we rode one for the first time and he could not stop laughing and smiling.
  3. He loves to splash. It can be in the pool, bath tub, ocean, or a puddle of ice water. It’s all the same to Caleb – he just loves to splash.
  4. He has added to his vocabulary. He can clearly say “Dadda” and “bye-bye!” He says “bye-bye” in the thickest country twang.
  5. He had strawberry yogurt drops for the first time and they are now pretty high on his list of favorite things to eat. He also no longer likes to eat from a pouch. He wants to be spoon fed, which is cheaper so we are thankful for the change.
  6. He is a wiggly boy when its time to change his bum. I’m starting to feel like his pit crew because its such a race to get him changed without getting whats in the diaper everywhere else.
  7. He pulls himself up more frequently. We have had a few failed attempts, but he is improving every day.
  8. He loves puzzles and every now and then he will put the pieces in the right place.
  9. He loves to play in wet sand at the beach. He sat with his bucket and shovel just digging away at the sand.IMG_1697 IMG_1755 IMG_1781 IMG_1805 IMG_1845 IMG_1989IMG_1737 IMG_1754 IMG_1810 IMG_1861 IMG_1918 IMG_1948 IMG_2053

One thought on “9 Things About Amanda’s 9 Month Old

  1. I love his eyes in the one of him wearing the blue hat & striped shirt! We have speedy diaper changes too – usually I try to convince her to clap her hands, sometimes that keeps her on her back for a few seconds 🙂

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