Playdates With Caleb and Jolie : Children’s Museum


We try our best to do fun new things with our babies, but sometimes its hard to find fun new things to do! On this trip we decided to check out the Children’s museum, located near short pump. The babies were free and our band to get in was $8.00 for the whole day, so we could come and go whenever we wanted. The babies and their mamas had so much fun!!


Jolie showing off her potato from the “farmers market”


Caleb said I have some corn from the “farmers market”


Not anymore… tehehe

IMG_1572 IMG_1574

Jolie enjoyed exploring the castle


Caleb trying to catch up with Jolie to take his  seat on their thrown


They finally made it! It took about 30 pictures just to get them to both be still, sillybabies!


Mommy I’m tired, Jolie is to fast I cant keep up!


That little lady loved the slides, don’t worry Grace was close by


Caleb enjoyed the train, it was not easy to get a photo on that thing, it goes pretty fast


Amanda and Caleb


Grace and Jolie


Jolie found a big teddy bear and tried so hard to crawl with it, so she setteld instead just to sit and play with the big teddy bear.

IMG_1602 IMG_1604

Caleb loved this big yellow ball, he would laugh when he would hit the ball and his hands would bounce off


We hope you enjoyed hearing about our little play date. Where are some places that you enjoy taking your little ones?


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