Sick Days

Well, at 10 months, Caleb has had his second sick-visit to the doctors, and boy was it a whammy of a visit. All at one time, he had a double ear infection, high fever, strep throat, cold, his first diaper rash, and his two top teeth coming in. Even with all of that he has been the best baby. With that said, this week has been filled with nursing, reading books, snuggles,  yogurt popsicles, watching “Life at the Pond,” humidifiers, chest rub, and sleeping in our room. Here is a list of things that have really helped us this week.

  1. Triple Cream – I normally put burts bees ointment on Caleb, but this was a horrible rash. The doctor told me to buy this cream and it cleared up his rash over night.
  2. I put all of his medications in individual sandwhich ziploc bags. On them I wrote the medication name and the dose. This helped when Paul  gave him medication – that way I didn’t need to remind him how much to give.
  3. Humidifier – We love ours. It’s a Whinnie the Poo humidfier from Babies R Us.
  4. iPhone – I have been using my notes on my phone to track when I gave him certain medications.

IMG_2239 IMG_2238 IMG_2250

Even when he is sick, he still cracks me up!



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