10 Things About Amanda’s 10 Month Old


  1. He can now say mama, okay, and yeah. Dada and bye-bye  are still the most often used.
  2. He has cut another tooth! which brings the grand total to 3 teeth all on the bottom.
  3. He can walk using his push walker and as long as he is holding on to something, like the sofa.
  4. He eats table food, banana, avocado, peas, pumpkin bread, and apples.
  5. He sleeps in his crib.
  6. He loves to play peek a boo, he will hide behind something and randomly peek his head out and yell. I act really surprised and he just laughs.
  7. He loves to dance, or at least we think he is dancing when he hears music.
  8. He loves to play with his little football and he will even throw it, then he chases the football and throws again.
  9. He will give you a big sloppy kiss if you ask him for one.
  10. He is able to sit down when he is tired of standing, before he would just cry until one of us came to help him.IMG_0775


IMG_2220 IMG_2222

His first time eating at Sweet Frog, he has blueberry no sugar added frozen yogurt. He enjoyed the little bit he got 🙂

IMG_2093 IMG_2094 IMG_2095IMG_2258No more photos please mom



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