Playdates With Caleb & Jolie: The Mall

Somedays in the summer are just to hot for the little ones to be outside, so on this day we decided to take the kids to a indoor mall play area. We actually had a lot of fun, for the most part we had the area all to ourselves. It was neat to see what each baby was drawn to, it was also nice to let them roam free while we got to talk.


It was really hard to get a picture of Jolie playing, she is so fast! I think the dashing for the exit was her favorite part 🙂


Anything Jolie does Caleb tries!


Until she finds something else to do and he is left thinking if he wants to follow.


Theses big letters were a hit for Caleb, he saw Jolie climb them, which ment he had to try. He did make it up once successfully, I was so excited for him I forgot to take a photo.

What are somethings you like to do with your little ones when the weather wont allow for outside playtime?


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