Are You Ready For Some Football?

Trust me, we are ready for some football! Growing up, I was raised watching hockey, being that I’m originally from Taylor, Michigan, which is only a hop, skip, and a jump away from Detroit. But when I met Paul, he loved football. He would explain the rules to me as we watched the games, and anyone that knows my husband knows he is all about the rules. I really started to enjoy football. We started making our own traditions. Like wearing our Redskins shirts (even when they are not playing), eating homemade chili, and eating honey beer bread. Now, it doesn’t feel like fall until I hear football game’s.


Me and the little guy. This was the only time he could squeeze into this Redskins onesie. He has new Redskins clothes now.


This is the easiest recipe for bread in the world.


I will post the recipe for this sweet and spicy turkey chili later. But take my word – its amazing!


My sister Lindsey modeling her piece of bread.


My sister Chelsea. She more so likes to spend time with us. She doesnt really care about the game.


Caleb telling auntie Loo Loo, “I’m not allowed to eat bread yet.”

Do you have any game day traditions in your home?



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