Jolie’s First Birthday Party: Decorations

Jolie’s birthday is October 4th, but we celebrated a couple weeks early so that her grandparents could be a part of all the fun before they left for Turkey.

I had so much fun planning and decorating for Jolie’s birthday!

IMG_7650 IMG_7652IMG_7651

20130927-172242.jpgInstagram photos ( 4×6 prints with the edges cut off is cheaper than buying square prints.)


12 Photos for 12 months of Jolie goodness.


The food was almost all pinwheel-inspired. (Pinwheels, kimbap, pb&j sushi, etc.)


The Dessert Table: Mini Apple Pies and Zebra cake with cream cheese frosting. (Recipes coming soon!)



20130926-224424.jpgAnd of course since Jolie’s grandpa is Peyton that meant there were cappuccinos!

IMG_2312Jolie Beans for the adults and older kids20130927-172218.jpgDIY Pinwheels (that actually work) and pinwheel barrettes for the girls/toy cars for the boys. I also made sure to have age appropriate goodies, so Caleb and Ellie didn’t get whistles but they did get Trader Joe’s Sauce Pouches!

Stay tuned for more photos from the actual party and some DIY/Recipe posts! What’s really fun is that I used the same colors for her party as what are in her room so I can still use the decorations!

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