Guest Post: Traveling With Children

We are so excited that super mama Kendra reached out to us to do a guest post on traveling with children. Kendra was the former director of communications for Orbits, where she was able to travel around the world. Now she is a full time mama of three. Her tips on traveling with children will be especially helpful for any mamas traveling with kids during the holiday season. Enjoy 🙂



Hey Mama!  Believe it or not, vacations can be fun AND healthy!


I recognize that I go overboard when planning a vacation, especially since our youngest daughter has entered our lives (and changed the way we travel!). You may take a more laid-back approach, but one thing you should keep the forefront of your mind is the health and well-being of your kids.  Here are some tips to have a happy, healthy family vacation, without needing to worry about every last detail.


Tip 1: Give the little ones time. Once they get out of the car or plane make sure to allow them time to get acclimated to their surrounding areas. Build in time to go at your child’s pace, and everyone will be less tantrum-prone.


Tip 2: There are going to be germs.  Remember to stop and wash your hands before you eat, and after going to the restroom, and be sure the kiddos do too.  Nearly 40% of adults have admitted to not washing their hands after sneezing, coughing or blowing their nose.


Tip 3: Let the kids have a say in what they bring from home.  Let them pack a small bag with their own comforts of home, like their favorite books, stuffed animal, and small toys.  The happier they are on the trip, the more likely they will be to cooperate when you ask them to wash their hands for the 20th time that day, or insist they take that yucky Vitamin C dose.


Depending on what way I travel be it by flying or in the car I always try to stay prepared with activities for my kids. There are now so many road trip game apps that they love when we are doing our travel by ground. I always make sure to pack extra headphones if there is going to be a movie playing on the planes (charges can be ridiculous for their headphones!)


Tip 4: Maintaining a normal sleep schedule is essential to ensure everyone is well-rested, and therefore has the strongest immune systems possible when traveling.  If your little one still naps, try to build in time during the day to get their normal nap duration in, and as close to the normal time as possible.  Sounds like a good excuse for mom and dad to catch some extra winks too.


Tip 5: This last one is tricky – eating healthy at theme parks.  Try to be sure your family eats a filling and healthy breakfast before starting what is sure to be a long and tiring day.  If you can eat in your hotel, you’ll probably save money over the expensive theme park food, and it will probably be a lot healthier!


Sometimes, breakfast is even included in your hotel rate, so be sure to ask about that at check-in. When we travel to places like Florida, I always use Gogobot to sift through their family friendly reviews to find which of the Orlando hotels have a free breakfast and a quiet hours policy system build in to make sure my family is well rested for the days to come!


Keeping these few tips in mind, should help you enjoy a wonderful vacation while not losing sight of the ultimate goal of keeping your little ones happy and healthy.  Happy travels!




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