Jolie’s first Vacation

We went on a vacation!

God blessed us with an amazing opportunity to take a cruise to the Bahamas. So many “firsts” happened on this trip- first family vacation, first bus ride for Jolie, first time using her passport, etc.20131019-143742.jpg

Vacationing with a toddler is sooooo different!20131019-143800.jpgI learned to embrace early morning wake ups. We watched the sunrise each morning and it was amazing. 20131019-143906.jpg

Naps on vacations are wonderful. I got to watch movies, sleep, order room service, and relax whenever Jolie napped, rather than run around the house trying to get something done. 20131020-195957.jpg20131019-143835.jpg



Exploring is so much fun through toddler eyes.20131019-143942.jpg

We lost three pacifiers in 4 days!20131019-144002.jpg20131019-144037.jpg

We got to swim with fishes in the clearest water ever.20131020-195554.jpg

Dressing a baby in sailor outfits is pretty much the most amazing thing you could do on a cruise. I did it twice.


I need to brush up on my bargaining skills. 20131020-195626.jpg


Towel Animals are so much fun!20131020-200331.jpg
Taxi rides brought back so many memories of home.20131020-200337.jpg


20131020-200400.jpgWe had such a great time on our vacation. I was nervous planning a cruise with a baby/toddler, but I think it was the best option for our family at the moment- no long car/plane rides, everything we needed just an elevator ride away, and we got to leave the country! 🙂



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