Caleb’s First Halloween

This was Caleb’s first Halloween. My husband and I wanted to make sure Caleb knew it was not just any ordinary day. To start off the day we had a big family breakfast and carved our pumpkins, while we played Disney themed Halloween music. When Paul was working, Caleb and I went to my parents house. My sister Chelsea assured my mom and I that if we dressed up we could get $3.00 burritos at Chipotle, so we all put on hockey jerseys and headed to Chipotle. Come to find out, we were about 3 hours early for the $3.00 burritos, but either way it made for a funny memory.

Instead of going trick-or-treating we went to Parkway Baptist Church’s Fall Festival. It was a blast! They had hay rides, games, candy, inflatables, petting zoo, christian music, and food. To top it off everything was free! If they have it again next year I’m sure we will do it again!

Caleb was so confused when Paul brought the pumpkin inside. 

IMG_3063 IMG_3071

It was so cute to see him playing with the “pumpkin guts.” At first he was gentle and then he really got his hands in it. 


We got him a special duck to play with since he cant eat any of the Halloween candy. IMG_3082 IMG_3106

Bye mom, I’m going to say “hey” to the neighbors! IMG_3116 IMG_3122

This just makes me smile 🙂

Hmmm I wonder what this orange thing tastes like?

IMG_3175 IMG_3166

We got to see all kinds of neat animal at the Fall Festivals petting zoo.

IMG_3181 IMG_3184 IMG_3211 IMG_3204

Okay, its Mickey Mouse’s bedtime, lets go! 


Our Pumpkins. Apparently they spit fire…just kidding. 




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