Best Of All Is Fall


I have so many reasons to appreciate Fall. I was engaged in October of 2010, married on October 29, 2011, and had my son on November 12, 2012. Fall has held some huge milestones in my life. I love the beauty of fall, especially in Virginia, when the leaves turn and the air is crisp. I want to be outside as much as possible during this season, so we enjoy walks, parks, and apple orchards (post coming soon).

IMG_3285 IMG_3295 IMG_3299 IMG_3305 IMG_3310 IMG_3338 IMG_3340 IMG_3346 IMG_3352IMG_3280 IMG_3283 IMG_3292IMG_3322 IMG_3329 IMG_3333

Enjoy this season while it’s here. Before you know it, it will be December…the most wonderful time of the year!  Which is probably the only time of year I love more than fall!


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