12 Things Caleb Has Taught Me


Every month for the past year, I have shared things about my son. From things he has learned, funny stories, how he has grown, and so on. Over the last year I have grown and changed as well, and I felt like that should be shared. So, what better day to share this than the day he turns one. It’s hard to believe that on Tuesday, November 12, 2012 at 6:48pm, my sweet little Caleb was born. You can read his birth story here.

Things I’ve Learned

  1. I can get ready for the day in record time. I mean showered, hair dried, make up on, and out the door.1292122_10202243016422887_1693249727_o
  2. I can live off of little to no sleep without needing naps or quiet time. And, to be honest I dont miss it. Some of my favorite “mommy memories” have been made in the wee hours. Im not so sure my husband feels the same way.1271767_10202243053783821_737350265_o
  3. I have more patience than I ever thought possible.1267419_10202243018742945_142008363_o
  4. I have become a pro at breastfeeding, at home or in public.1090879_10202243390232232_950800925_o
  5. I’m probably one of the only people that can understand Caleb’s baby chatter and the difference in his cries.1266920_10202243199947475_631088030_o
  6. I will always cherish the days when all he wanted to do was cuddle with me; when he would be upset if I needed to put him down, even for just a moment.1268932_10202243715800371_1240303048_o
  7. I have learned to love the smell of his spit up, because honestly I wore it more than perfume.1277463_10202248007547662_539860607_o
  8.  For the first 3 months of his life I could never eat anything Italian because it made his tummy hurt, and to this day I still feel guilty when I eat it, even though it doesnt seem to bother him a bit.1239062_10202243389592216_1277519857_o
  9. I pray more now than I ever have in my life. I pray for his health, nap time, for strength, wisdom, patience, to know how to do the right thing, and forgiveness when I get it wrong. Mostly I thank God for him every day. Yes, literally everyday!1243129_10202243019502964_1625704603_o
  10. I thought I knew what it ment to really laugh until the first time Caleb laughed. I have never heard a sound so pure and geniune in my life.1233190_10202243431593266_236413399_o
  11. I have never been more anxious or worried until Caleb started pulling up on furniture and trying to walk.1268293_10202258081719510_403195856_o
  12. I care less now about what people think of me than ever before. When I first had Caleb, I was worried about people’s comments about my parenting style: That I might be “snobish” for only wanting him to eat organic; that people wanted me to fail at breastfeeding because they didn’t do it; that they would make comments about the weight I didn’t loose after giving birth. Now, however, I just don’t care. Not to say, for example, if I get a dirty look when Caleb is screaming in the store it doesn’t get under my skin, but I move on. Caleb was screaming because he needed something and that means more to me than worrying about how a stranger feels.1263906_10202258014877839_173426003_o

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