Apple Picking

Our family loves going to the apple orchards. To maximize the apple picking fun, we spread it out over two weekends. The first weekend we went to a really big apple orchard known as Carter’s Mountain. It was a lot different than the year before, because the last time we went I was having braxton hicks contractions the entire time and was about as big as a mountain. Even with the contractions it was so much fun, and everything I saw I kept thinking, “I cant wait to show all of this to Caleb next year.” This time I got to show all of those things and more! Even though it rained the whole day, we had a blast. Caleb was such a ham and made everyone laugh. The following weekend we went to the Dickie Brothers orchard, where Paul & I were engaged. It’s always fun going back, especially taking our son, and now being married for two years.

Check us out last year at Carter’s Mountain.

IMG_8567 IMG_8569






That smile melts my heartIMG_2767

Caleb and my dad (or “Paw- Paw”) saying Cheers, with empty hot cider cups. It was so funny. Every time my dad would say cheers, Caleb would bring his cup up to hit my dad’s.


The Dickie Brothers Orchard


I tried to get a cute picture of Caleb holding an apple, like my husband & I did in our engagement photo, but all he wanted to do was hold the sweet potatoes. Whatever works right!?!

IMG_2851 IMG_2854IMG_2862

If you are wondering why my son is not wearing any pants in the next photos it’s because he had a major blow out. Which led to us having to buy him a very expensive pair of pants, at a small, upscale boutique in Charlotesville.




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