Playdates: Painting

These mamas were very brave one day a few weeks ago. It was unusually warm outside so we let our little babies paint some art projects. If you ever get the chance to let your little ones paint we highly suggest it. To see their creativity at such a young age was amazing. Caleb enjoyed painting the paper a little more than Jolie, however she was very skilled in face painting 🙂

IMG_2574 IMG_2579

Jolie, ” Here Caleb I will get you some paint.”

IMG_2582 IMG_2586 IMG_2594

Caleb, ” Did your mommy say we could paint that?” IMG_2600 IMG_2601 IMG_2603

Caleb trying to paint the house.IMG_2608 IMG_2622

Jolie tried to escapeIMG_2623 IMG_2625

Chubby hands in paint, cutest thing ever! IMG_2632 IMG_2638 IMG_2639

Jolie, “Get back here Caleb your next!”
IMG_2647 IMG_2650

Buddies 🙂IMG_2652 IMG_2660

The babies were beyond messy, the best thing to do was jump in the pool! Crayola’s washable fingerpaints were so easy to clean up.

This one was just to funny not to share, yes even our little angels have meltdowns. tehehe.
IMG_2676What activities do you like to do with your babies and toddlers?

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