Last Thanksgiving was so exciting because it was Caleb’s first big Holiday. He was only two weeks old. I was so excited the night before Thanksgiving, I could hardly sleep (well, half excitement, the other half a newborn baby with his days and night confused). I couldn’t wait to show him off to all the family that hadn’t had a chance to meet him. This fall, I was wondering, “How could this year compete with such a memorable ‘first’ Thanksgiving?”

As far as memories go, this year did not disappoint. For starters, everyone, except for me, ended up getting the stomach bug. At the time it seemed quite awful that so many people were sick, but now it has turned into a funny memory. Caleb got to spend a lot of time with our cousins and Nonnie from Florida, and we all love seeing them. One of my favorite things about Thanksgiving is visiting with my family from Florida.

We skipped having Thanksgiving at my parents home this year – instead, we all drove to my Aunt and Uncle’s cabin out in the country. Their log cabin is nestled on a hill, looking across a beautiful pond and a 200 year old red barn. It’s breath-taking.  They really went the extra mile to have toys for the kids to play with. Plus, traveling any distance with my family is a party in itself! Here our some photos from our Thanksgiving:


There’s something about laughter in a kitchen with these ladies that warms my heart.

886508_10202268892345012_1499106497_o 1412533_10202268922585768_1632036777_o 1397282_10202268911865500_1493551619_o

Simply adorable


Caleb photo bombed me! IMG_3908 IMG_3916 IMG_3917

Caleb, ” Daddy is that you?”
IMG_3919 IMG_3921 IMG_3939

The queens of taking photos. By the way, a lot of the photos from this blog post were taken by Katelyn. It’s nice to have someone else in the family who likes taking photos. Her talents, however, far surpass mine.IMG_4009 1401912_10202268970106956_1685145522_o 858573_748545038508429_1447667029_o 1417677_10202268970866975_2019481090_o988378_10202268933586043_525847384_n

Traditional game of checkers. IMG_4016 1399263_10202269042788773_968841800_o IMG_3952 IMG_3955

Caleb thinking, ” Which one of you took my blocks?”IMG_3960 IMG_3984 IMG_3989 IMG_4004 IMG_4007 IMG_4011 1400283_748555675174032_778107462_o 1451526_748546048508328_461510660_n 1489587_10202268982587268_898083402_o 778752_10202268982547267_915849455_o 914108_10202269009867950_974644958_o 1402191_10202269028148407_2038358327_o

What a difference a year makes…..

IMG_2599 IMG_3810



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