Playdates: CMOR Museum

Caleb decided to take his cousins, that were visiting from Florida, to the CMOR museum. It was the perfect day to spend inside because it was cold and rainy. If you live in the metro richmond  area the CMOR museums are a great place to take kids of all ages.

Alia and Caleb enjoyed sitting in their chairs, while Caleb talked and  Alia listened.
IMG_3714 IMG_3721 IMG_3728

Call Caleb and Alia for all of your lawn care needs.
IMG_3748 IMG_3754 IMG_3756

Kaden enjoyed the hula hoops, water table, and sand pit.

By the time Caleb finally made his way to the sand pit Kaden had moved on to the water table. 
IMG_3767 IMG_3769 IMG_3780 IMG_3786 IMG_3788Amanda

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