Our adventure with StudioFIT

We recently had the opportunity to attend a Zumba Class with Sarah Wagner of StudioFIT! It was so much fun to get out of the house without diaper bags, strollers, or babies.

Most of these pictures are from behind because I (grace) was a little shy about dancing around all of these experts.
IMG_3161 IMG_3152

After a couple of songs, I was able to get into it and most of the moves were simple and repetitive enough even for me to follow. IMG_3147

Amanda was so into the dance moves it was impossible to get a still shot of her.


She was having so much fun that she decided she would lead one of the workouts.
IMG_3179Just kidding, the reason she was up there was to announce our awesome giveaway with StudioFIT!


I (Amanda) met Sara a few years ago at our church. We were in small group together , and I later  attended her Zumba classes. Did I mention I love Zumba!?!  When you are around Sara you just feel happy. She has a very outgoing personality and cares so much for others. Which is partly the reason she started Studio Fit. Now its your turn to meet Sara: 


“A little background on me and why I started Studio FIT. Being a dancer when I was little, and then an athlete throughout high school and college – I love fitness and dancing – and I love combining the two in dance fitness (Club FIT, Barre, Zumba, Kids Zumba) and athletic (Ultimate Intervals, Cage Fitness) group fitness classes. Also now as a RN I recognize the importance of overall health and fitness and I have noticed something – people stick with a workout program if its fun, and they love it. That is why I strive to teach fun, encouraging classes aka “Group Fitness with a SMILE”.”

Here is what Sarah is giving away!

5 Class Pack for Mom


3 Class Pack for Baby/Child!

(Total $55 Value)

These class packs can be used for classes at either location (Midlothian or Powhatan), the class schedule can be viewed at the website at www.studioFITva.com.

How to Enter:

 *LIKE StudioFIT on Facebook

* LIKE Mama Knows What? on Facebook! (Unless you are already following us, then skip this step)

**Then all you need to do is comment at the bottom of this post or on the Mama Knows What Facebook page for 1 entry. Like we’ve done with the other giveaways, there will be additional ways to enter over the next few days (via instagram, Facebook photos, etc.)**

Ends Dec. 23 at 11:59. Winners will be announced on Christmas Eve!


3 thoughts on “Our adventure with StudioFIT

  1. I would LOVE to win the StudioFit pack! Although I do not have kids I would be more than happy to donate the kids classes to someone who maybe has kids but can’t afford the classes right now! I absolutely LOVE Sara and all of her classes. I have struggled with my weight my whole live and having Sara there to be so encouraging and uplifting makes exercising so enjoyable! Even though you may be in a room of 30+ women Sara makes it so personal to where you feel like you are the only one in the class!

  2. I’ve been taking Sara’s Monday night Zumba class for over 2 years and I still look forward to it. It’s so good for my overall health, my physical health, my emotional health and my spiritual health. Sarah is so motivating, fun and encouraging that I can’t help smiling the entire hour. It’s the one hour of each busy week that I find myself so focused on the class and the music and the moves that I don’t think about anything else. In the very beginning, I excitedly told my husband how good it felt to escape the pressures of life for one hour. He asked if I knew what that meant. He said I had a hobby, ME, a hobby. A mom with a full and part time job, 3 kids, a dog, cat, ferret, church and church outreach and responsibilities, a HOBBY! A hobby that’s good for my health. I vividly remember the first time I was able to balance on one foot during stretching. I felt so accomplished! I’ve attended Zumba Toning a few times and LOVE it as well and would LOVE to continue it by winning the gift pack!

  3. Hi! I would love to win the gift pack! My daughter and I have been tang Sara’s classes for a few months now, and even though we’re both totally uncoordinated, we have a blast!

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