Leading Up To Christmas

As Grace and I talked today, we realized it had been a while since we posted anything new to the blog. This is probably due to:  Both families getting over a little sickness, Jolie had a stomach bug, we have giveaways going on, Christmas cards to write, gifts to wrap, gifts to make, things to bake, parties to attend, traditions to make, and, well…Christmas is just a busy time of year. So, hear are a few snapshots of what life in our home’s has been like  lately.




1525551_10102506897404982_2028902167_n 1501750_10102506661827082_354946907_nIMG_4278



IMG_4431 IMG_4408 IMG_4402 20131222-202111.jpg

IMG_4452 IMG_4471 IMG_4494 IMG_4512

1526451_10152087860092937_1836505603_n 1074432_10153556262515478_1853874483_o 1496206_759419890754277_1554965526_o 1496484_759420380754228_36142085_o 1421063_759421077420825_1996603584_o IMG_4557 20131222-202129.jpg

As you can tell this holiday season is wearing Jolie out!


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