The Small Things…


For Christmas, one of my gifts to Caleb is finishing his baby book. I think that baby books are a little like time capsules. It’s really fun to read what the mother of a newborn baby thinks is important, versus the mother to a now one year old baby. In the beginning of the book I gave a lot of detail, until about month three, which I’m guessing is when Caleb was sleeping more and I was writing less (enjoy the sleep when you can get it). There was a reoccurring theme throughout the book, the small things.


What do I mean by that? Little things that only a mom thinks to remember, or at least that I wanted to remember. Those little things that helped me get through the long days of trying to figure out how to take care of Caleb. Some things came naturally in that process and some things I’m still learning, which is something I’m not scared to admit. I find it strange when moms say things like, “Yeah, I’m still learning,” in a sad tone. It’s a good thing to constantly learn and grow.


For example, I remember the way he used to hold my hand when he nursed, and how much joy that brought me. The first time he reached out to hold my hand, I remember tears forming in my eyes as I thankef God for this blessing. I cherish the days when he would fall asleep on me – when I could cuddle with him for hours and it was the only place in the world that he wanted to be. I remember when he got a little older and started to look around to notice objects. Every time he looked at me, his eyes would get so big and he would make the sweetest face, as if he knew exactly who I was.


To this day I take time to remember the little things that Caleb does. Like when he does something he is not supposed to and he crawls over to give me a hug. The way he folds his body in my arms when he is tired. That he still loves to just sit with me and play or cuddle. The words he says now, the games he likes to play, the way he stands, his fake cry, and his fake laugh. Oh yes, Caleb will fake laugh whenever I start laughing, because he wants in on the joke. Its the best thing ever, and I crack up every time he does it!


Sometimes, as moms, it’s hard to take time to think about all the good things we see in one day, especially on the never-ending days. You know, the one’s where no matter how much we clean our homes they still look messy, sleep is not always guaranteed, getting a shower in is as good as your beauty routine will allow, when you stay in your pajamas all day, and nothing you seem to do is right. We all have those days or moments, but when I go out of my way to focus on the small things, my day doesn’t seem as unbearable.



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