A peek into Jolie’s thrifted diy bedroom

Jolie’s room is circus-themed. When I was pregnant I decided that she would not have a typical nursery, so I had to be creative searching for furniture and accents to really reflect my dream. The room has changed some since then, you can see the original room before Jolie was born in my sister’s post, here.
circus nursery

The tapestry is from Urban Outfitters (similar to this one). I fell in love when I caught it floating around pinterest almost two years ago. It adds so much to the room, especially since we decided not to paint the walls.IMG_3108

Most of the little trinkets belonged to my great-grandfather who was a clown. My grandfather built a really awesome circus wagon for him that we used in Jolie’s room when she was tiny, but once she started walking and climbing and pushing things we had to take it out. Hopefully we can put it back in a few months! Amanda found this adorable vintage pop-up book at a thrift store a few months ago.
IMG_3073 IMG_3060IMG_3067
IMG_3056 We put the mattress from the guest bed on the floor and created a sort of reading nook with these book baskets I painted letters on and all of her stuffed animals.IMG_2973

IMG_3085My husband and I painted the changing table that is now a dresser/toy and book shelf. circusroom

I had seen these stuffed toy hammocks on pinterest but felt like it was easy enough to make myself. There are a ton of pins on how to using different materials. I used leftover tulle from Jolie’s birthday party , two of those screw in wall hooks, and some yarn. Super simple, and since stuffed animals weigh nothing, it’s strong enough to hold a bunch.


My mom painted this picture with Jolie’s stats.circusroomIMG_3107 IMG_3049

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