Planes, weddings, and Joliebean

My brother just got married !


After three years of being in one place (the longest I have ever stayed since I was 6 years old), we finally got to fly on a plane! I was nervous about how Jolie would do. Not because I’m uncomfortable flying, no I’ve flown so often that my brother and I used to raise our hands like we were on a roller coaster during turbulence. I was nervous because Jolie can’t sit still unless she is asleep.

20140119-211736.jpgAnd even when she is asleep she moves around. She sleeps between us half of almost every night, and we wake up with her feet in my husband’s face and her head resting on my stomach. Every. Morning.

So you can imagine how I dreaded being on a small airplane with a jumping Joliebean.


She did really well, and we were able to keep her entertained with toys, snacks, and flight attendants for the entire 55 minute flight! And on the second flight she passed out 15 minutes in and woke up after we landed.

My Rockin’ Baby pouch was a LIFE SAVER for the airport. My mom insisted on bringing the stroller in case there would be a time during our trip that she was left with Jolie and had to walk around (like at a mall.) We used the stroller at total of 3 times in 10 days. Once in a tiny mall in a tiny town for about 15 minutes before she decided she wanted to walk around, and twice in the airport to push around my diaper bag. Seriously. Jolie is a sling baby, and not a fan of strollers. The pouch is perfect because its just a small amount of material, easy to fold up and stuff in my bag, and doesn’t get in the way of my jacket or anything else.

20140119-211822.jpgSnack cups with the little claw lid are super. I’ve used a few and this is by far the greatest I have found. I bought it at tj maxx. It was the only one. and it was my favorite. and we lost it the last day in Texas.20140119-211900.jpg

I know everyone stresses the importance of schedules for babies/kids. Jolie, however, is super adaptable. She went to bed around 9-10 every night, woke up in new places, took naps when she was tired whether we were on the road, at the apartment, or walking around with her in the sling. She didn’t cry the entire time, and was so happy to be around so many people. I’m so proud of her!


20140119-212133.jpg20140119-212218.jpgPlus, she was a beautiful flower girl in the most unique wedding with a stunning bride and groom!

jolieeeCheck out some really amazing photos of the wedding and reception HERE!


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