Why I Chose Gdiapers


Every time people hear that I cloth diaper they ask me, with fear in their eyes, “People actually still cloth diaper… Why?” My answer is YES! They absolutely do, and its not as difficult as you think it is.

I’m not going to lie; the first time I had a close friend cloth diaper her baby, I thought she was crazy. Back then I didn’t understand how different cloth diapering had become. It’s no longer folding what resembles a thick burp cloth into some weird shape, safety pinning both sides, and throwing a rubber diaper over it. Cloth diapering has a huge selection of brands, patterns, colors, and sizes.

So first, why I cloth diaper:

  1. Saving money – Over the first year of a babies life, parents spend around $800-$1,600 dollars on diapers (depending on the brand and how frequently you change). With cloth diapers I pay very little on diapers a month. I also tracked my water and electricity usage when I switched to cloth diapers and there was no drastic change.
  2. No Chemicals – Just about every diaper has a number of chemicals in them. Which is PARTLY the reason for babies getting diaper rashes. I want to stress PARTLY, because there are a lot of reasons that babies can get diaper rashes. Caleb has had less to almost no diaper rashes since I made the switch 11 months ago.
  3. The Change – I really changed my outlook on cloth diapers. I thought cloth diapering was disgusting at first…theres really no other way to put it. However, I didn’t understand the changes that cloth diapering had made. As I touched on above, there are a lot more options with cloth diapering than there used to be. Wet bags have made cloth diapering a lot easier, the brands have improved their products, and there are more people sharing advice on cloth diapering. I was surprised how many people I know cloth diaper.
  4. Cuteness – I mean come on, the diapers are adorable!IMG_1468 IMG_1152

Why I chose Gdiapers:

  1. Friends – When I was researching cloth diapers there were two brands that my friends suggested Gdiapers and Bum Genius. I will explain further why I chose Gdiapers.
  2. Convenience – The Babies R Us near our home only carries Gdiapers. I wanted to have physical access to the diapers I was using. They run in-store specials often, so I can often get items on discount. In the end this is better for me than shopping online, because I do not need to spend money on shipping.
  3. Cleaning – I found a website that compared different brands of all types (cloth and disposable). Gdiapers were one of the best for ease when it came to cleaning. They can be easily stripped, and washing them is very simple.
  4. Price – Gdiapers have great bundling packages. We were blessed with so many people that gave us gift cards and Gdiapers at my baby shower. So, honestly we have only spent about $90 dollars on our cloth diapers. You can also find coupons for Gdiapers too. Recently, Babies R Us had coupons for Gdaiper products online and at the register. There is also an instant coupon on g-pant boxes to save $2.50 when you check out.
  5. Product – I like that all Gdiaper products are inserts. It just seems easier to me to slip a cloth insert in and then replace it when its dirty. I think that’s all a matter of preference. My friends that use pre-folds swear by them! I also liked the patterns and colors Gdiapers have. I mean, if your paying that much for a diaper you want to make sure its something you like looking at! I also like that they come in different sizes. I’m not big on “one size fits all.”
  6. Costumer Service – I can’t say enough about how awesome Gdiapers costumer service is. They spent so much time expelling everything I needed to know about cloth diapers to me when I was pregnant. I still use them if I have a question for something I can’t find online.
  7. They Grew On Me – Around 6 months in to using Gdiapers, I really fell in love with them. At first, I didn’t like the velcro sides, so I tried a few of my friends diapers that use buttons and now I appreciate the velcro. Yes, it does make the product look a little more worn, but its a lot quicker when your changing a squirmy baby. I also didn’t like the velcro in the back (instead of the front) at first. Now that I have a 14-month old, I’m glad the velcro is not within his grasp!
  8. IMG_4321

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