Caleb’s Birthday Party

IMG_1241 copy

I mustache you, can you believe I have a one-year-old!?! If you couldn’t tell, our theme was mustaches and ties. I’m blown away by the fact that my son is one, and by how many loved ones we have that came to celebrate his big day with us.  So many people chipped in to make his day one that we will never forget.

The Grub: We had bow tie pasta, mustache-shaped ham and cheese sandwiches, and lots of other yummy treats.

IMG_1245 IMG_1248

The cake was banana (Caleb’s favorite) with whipped butter cream icing.


I was trying to think of creative ways to display Caleb’s baby pictures. The clubhouse we rented had three large windows that I used as frames to hold his photos.

Pin the mustache on Caleb

Someone took that game literally, teheh IMG_1434

Fun with Friends:

IMG_1426 IMG_1422 IMG_1292 IMG_1276 IMG_1306 IMG_1315 IMG_1318 IMG_1407 IMG_1267 IMG_1260 IMG_1262 IMG_1259 IMG_1247 IMG_1236IMG_3400

Gift Time:
IMG_3402 IMG_3403

Grace made us the picture in the background. It was so special, I was holding back tears when I opened it. IMG_3414 IMG_3417 IMG_3424

Caleb laughed so hard at the musical cards.IMG_3425 IMG_3426 IMG_3433 IMG_3436 IMG_3453 IMG_3463


His favorite part was when everyone sang him Happy Birthday!

IMG_1369 IMG_1357 IMG_3469 IMG_3482 IMG_3483 IMG_3486 IMG_3493 IMG_3498

IMG_1232A IMG_1232 IMG_3511 IMG_3555


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