From Dada to Daddy

16 months old.

I’ve been ignoring it, still looking at Jolie as my baby, but this one word changed it all.



It hit me right there. So much joy over what she is learning and a little bit of mourning over the realization that the baby in her is disappearing.

Communication. Jolie was a walking baby until this past month when she really started communicating with us. Now I can’t deny that she is a toddler.


She learns a new word every day. She puts different words together. She repeats. She points to what she wants. She flips out if she doesn’t get it. And now she has named her daddy.

A name. Not baby sounds. When I ask her where dada is she looks at me, laughs, and says “Daddy?”


20140203-215127.jpgMy favorite things she does right now:

  • Sings “happy baby” when I sing You are my Sunshine.
  • Says “Daddy Peas?” and brings the same book to his lap every night.


  • Our lunches are filled with Macaroni and “heeeeees” with a “nnnna’ (banana) for “nack” and “diuce” even though she never drinks juice.
  •  She makes dinner in her kitchen, changes her babies’ diapers, sings them to sleep, and reads to herself.


20140203-215148.jpgI can say she is my baby but she really isnt. She’s my toddler. And this is my favorite stage so far, even though I’ve said that every day about every stage she’s been in. When I think about it, my first reaction is “Stop growing up,” but then I wouldn’t get to see all God has planned for this special girl.




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