Serious slacking…

We’ve been slacking big time on this whole blogging thing. A lot has been going on, but really, I have no idea what to write about. It keeps snowing when we want to hang out, so I don’t know what Amanda has been up to.  Maybe she’s feeling the same way I do.

1607034_10152204411187937_2006556035_nWhen we started this blog we were brand new moms super focused on all things baby and mom- related. We wanted to blog about what we were going through, what was on our minds.

Now that we’ve gotten into the mom “groove,” I think we’ve sort of lost that excitement. I can’t speak for Amanda, but I do not spend my days thinking about how many diapers I’ve changed, or what products i’m in love with for this age. Right now we are all about interacting with other kids, reading, dancing, laughing, and loving.

I’ve also gotten back into reality. I sort of put my life on hold when Jolie was born, but now I’m working to balance mom-grace and individual-grace. How i’ve missed my old self! Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE being a mom, it’s one of two things I feel like God has called me to do and given me a talent to do well. But I had lost myself in this last 1.5 years and its refreshing to get to know the other part of me again.

So here is a little apology for not blogging much at all. We’re sorry.



I will try to share a bit more about what life is teaching me and my little Jolie who learns a new word every minute, but no promises. I don’t want telling the internet about my day to get in the way of living it. That seems to happen a lot these days. Do you ever think back on a sweet memory and realize you only remember it as a photo because you were looking through your camera lens (or phone screen) rather than truly experiencing it?



I hope some of you stick around though, because we really do want to keep this up and will have some fun posts in the near future. For now, I’d like to remind and anyone reading what I’ve been trying to remind myself: Embrace life at whatever stage you are in, don’t blink too often, and put down your phone.





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