More snow, and a little throwback to my brighter/emo days.

It’s March, and there are at least 4 inches of snow covering my neighborhood. 


I was a little bummed about the snow. My husband is the only person in Richmond who works when it snows, or at least thats how it feels when he leaves in the morning while I watch millions of closings flash across the tv screen. 


But it’s not that bad, and the snow was absolutely beautiful this time. Not too slushy, perfect fluffy snowflakes dancing across the sky. 


And Jolie loves sneaking some “ice.”


It’s okay for me to dress her up like a little old Russian lady, because one day that’s what she will be. 

Spring snow reminds me of Almaty, where I grew up. With long winters, no snow days, 3 pairs of socks, leggings under jeans, and frozen nostril hairs.

By the way, March 8 is women’s day! Back home, the men in our church would give out tulips to all of the women. Tulips and snow just go together in my head. Or maybe the most recent memory of celebrating Women’s day in Almaty was when my hair was white as snow.


There is no snow on the ground in that picture, so it must have been the hair. I think this may have  also been  the year I scored a free taxi ride to church, because I was a woman. Or because my hair blinded the driver so he couldn’t look back to take the money. Or it could have been because my eye makeup scared him into driving away before I had a chance to pay.  Who knows.

I just thought it would be good to give a heads up to any men reading this that International Women’s Day is March 8, only 5 days away!  If you’ve never heard of it, check out this site, and buy your lady some flowers or something she would appreciate.



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