Playing Catch Up

Oh man, time really flies when you have a one-year-old. I feel like I am busier than ever. It doesnt feel like that long ago when I sat at my computer desk to write a blog post, but looking back, it’s been a few weeks. I’m sorry for my slacking, all I can say is…life happened and I wanted to be in the moment.

So here is some of what’s been keeping us so busy recently.

Well, this little guy has had seven ear infections since September. The one that he is getting over now gave him a really high fever and “heat” rash. For the past week we have been loving him through a lot of cranky days and nights.



For Valentine’s day this year, we had planned on making cookies with Grace, Jolie, and Ellie; however, Mother Nature decided to drop a bunch of snow, so Grace and Jolie weren’t able to make it. When Caleb woke up he saw gifts from Mommy and Daddy. He loves his Noah’s ark toy by Melissa and Doug. Paul made us Valentine’s themed banana pancakes, which were yummy as always. We took Caleb to Sweet Frog for lunch, but he decided to throw a huge fit while we were there, which was fun for everyone!
IMG_5285 IMG_5306 IMG_5344


I have been digging deep to try and be a little more crafty. Here’s a sneak peak at something I have been working on.

Calebs room

Paul and I have been enjoying some date nights, which every marriage needs.


We have been going to a lot of really cool kids’ first birthday parties, whose mothers did an awesome job planning!


A few months ago, myself and some other mothers decided to start a playgroup. It has been a wonderful experience to be around so many women who love being a mom. We share advice, do crafts, share food, and our little ones loving playing together.


Caleb has been enjoying his chores. But in all seriousness, he really does love to clean so I’m rolling with it. He helps put laundry in the dryer, sits next to me while I fold clothes, and holds the dust pan for me while I sweep. He is so happy and proud when I cheer for him for being my big helper.


Oh yeah and mother nature has been dropping buckets of snow (at least by Virginia’s standards), and I’m sick of it! I mean come on, I’m from Michigan – you see one blizzard, you’ve seen them all šŸ™‚



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