Our First Trip To The Zoo

The sun has finally broken through, so we decided to take the kids on a trip to the zoo (did you catch the cheesy rhyme?).

The Metro Richmond Zoo is a place that we wanted to take the kids to for a long time, but we didn’t want to go until they could really enjoy it. This was the perfect age. Everything was so exciting to them. There were plenty of  animals to catch their attention, and the paths were easy for these little walkers to use.

When we take fun day-trips like this, it’s always a good idea for us to take both of our cameras.


Jolie found a more efficient way to stroll the zoo.IMG_5802IMG_5770IMG_5761

Jolie has no fear! IMG_5743IMG_5728

Caleb and Paul enjoyed feeding the giraffes. I didn’t feed them this day, but I (Amanda) did go back a few days later and feed them. IMG_5687

This little guy was sleeping. IMG_5679IMG_5672IMG_5637IMG_5780IMG_5560

Borrowing daddy’s shades. IMG_5555

This was Caleb’s favorite part of the zoo. He kept trying to hop the fence. IMG_5549 IMG_5539IMG_5531

Caleb made doggy noises to all the animals. We tried to correct him on some of the animals. But, really, what does a giraffe say?IMG_5496

The closest changing table was not really close at all. So we made do in the most private place we could find. Sorry bud.


Jolie couldn’t take her eyes off the monkeys.


Neither could Caleb.IMG_5487

Okay mom, put me in the carrier.


2 thoughts on “Our First Trip To The Zoo

  1. Brings back memories from when our kids went to the zoo. Would you consider the first trip to the zoo a lifetime moment? We are trying to create a wall of moments and a global birth registry on lifewall.org. Please check it out and let us know what you think are the moments in life worth remembering for history. Great pics.

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