Homemade “Sneaky” Gummy Squares

Ahh. We have hit the picky toddler stage. Miss Jolie does not eat vegetables, and it’s driving me crazy since she used to eat peas for days. I have been trying millions of different ways to work veggies into her diet since she thinks she has much more important things to do with her time than sit at the table and eat.

The latest way I’ve snuck veggies into her food is this easy and fun recipe for gummies! They could be bears but I’m too lazy to go to the store and buy a tiny bear cutter so for now they will be squares. PS. I still offer her whole vegetables at meals and sometimes she eats them. Camouflaging veggies won’t get her to eat them, but while she is being picky it’s a way to add variety to what she does eat.


I found this recipe for “healthy” gummy bears and realized I could put pretty much whatever I want in it.
IMG_5306 IMG_5312IMG_5346

All you do is cook down your fruit and veggies, blend them with gelatin, and pop them in the fridge for an hour.

IMG_5350 IMG_5356 IMG_5357

Healthy Gummy Squares:

2 cups of fruit (Fresh or frozen- I did half cherries, half blueberries this time)

1 beet, shredded (or a couple carrots, whatever you want to add.)

1/4 to 1/2 c lime or lemon juice

1 c no sugar added apple sauce

Bring these ingredients to a boil in a saucepan and simmer until berries are soft, allow to cool a few minutes.

Blend for 15 seconds or so, add 5 packs of unflavored gelatin. (5. I tried 4 the first time because I only bought one box with 4 packets, and they were a little rubbery, between jello and gummy bears.)

Add a handful of  fresh kale if your kids don’t mind tiny green specks in their snacks.

Blend until smooth.

Pour onto a baking sheet (size depending on how thick you want your squares)

Refrigerate for 1 hour, cut up how you wish, and enjoy.



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