Bump Update: First Trimester


Wow! My first trimester came and went. The second time around goes by so quickly. Maybe it’s because I was occupied with a very active toddler.

My first trimester was pretty much identical with my pregnancy with Caleb. I was a little more tired this time around, and definitely had more nausea. My house was really messy for weeks, because I just could not clean it. I enjoyed staying inside like a hermit crab and having nothing on my agenda except playing with Caleb.

The biggest challenge was figuring out my due date. According to the normal calendar the doctor used at my first appointment I was 9 weeks 4 days. Which was awesome! I found out I was pregnant at 4 weeks with Caleb, and that was a very long first trimester. The doctor suggested I get an ultrasound done to get my due date, which is normal for me. I don’t ovulate like a woman with regular cycles, so I knew going in that I would have an ultrasound. We saw the heart beat in the ultrasound, but the baby was very small so I measured 4 weeks 5 days . She said to come back in two weeks and we could try it again. At the second ultrasound the baby measured 8 weeks, arriving November 23,2014. So, we are very excited about our possible Thanksgiving baby!

So far my body is responding really well to the pregnancy. The ultrasound showed that I had no major cysts, and all my labs have been great! I’m really looking forward to the second trimester and to gaining back some energy.

Something that I thought would be different, being pregnant a second time, was that I wouldn’t be as scared of having a miscarriage. That was not the case. In fact, I think it was worse this time. Maybe it’s because it took us so long to get pregnant, and then everything fell so perfectly into place, I thought something must go wrong…right? Please tell me there are other people out there that think like me. Also, I started showing really early this time. I could wear my regular clothes, but that didn’t mean they looked good on me.

I’m really excited to be blogging about this new adventure in my life, and I will try not to bombard you with too many pictures.

IMG_5637 IMG_5776



One thought on “Bump Update: First Trimester

  1. I totally do that “this is too good to last thing.” I remember feeling that way exactly driving home from a check up when Kaden was a few days old. And more recently since our move. So you’re not alone 😉 Enjoyed your update!

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