Caleb’s Love for Water

This summer we decided to get a pool pass. We felt that Caleb was old enough to use it, and I’m going to be big and pregnant this summer, so I knew I would enjoy taking a dip in some cold water. I knew Caleb enjoyed bath time, but since being a toddler, he has never really played in water unless it was a bath. Let me tell you, this kids loves water (or what he likes to call “wawa”)!

I love that he loves water. It’s the best way to let him play outside in this Virginia heat without him being too hot. Another great benefit – it wares him out, which is becoming increasingly hard to do. Caleb has become more like the Energizer Bunny.

I try to switch up different water activities so he doesn’t get bored doing the same thing over and over. Here is what has worked well for us.

Our Fathers day trip to the pool.


Caleb loves poring water into buckets. This watering can made poring the water last a little longer, which is always nice for mommy.


He loves to “water the grass.”  It’s more so water puddles throughout the yard because he doesn’t evenly distribute the water, but he really enjoys it. He likes to splash himself with water and then say, “uh-oh.”

These little pools are great. When we don’t have the time to spend at the big pool, I will sometimes put his slide in the pool and turn it into a water slide.


Water tables are great. Our pool has one and he loves playing with it. I will usually let him play with the pool table for the last 15 minutes, so he drys off while he’s having fun! 10350984_10103040916052332_3622306752461741908_n


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