Summer Fun: Blueberries

IMG_9130 Last summer we had little babies who didn’t need to be entertained, but this summer they are curious, busy, and do not like sitting at home all day. We’ve been trying to find cheap and fun activities to do with under 2 year olds. There are so many things to do! Berry picking is one of our favorites. This week we picked blueberries at Swift Creek Berry Farm. The nice thing about picking blueberries vs strawberries is the extra shade. You are literally surrounded by trees. Is it weird that neither of us knew blueberries grew on trees? We each bought about 1/2 lb (for $1.15), although Caleb and Jolie ate their weight in blueberries while we picked. If it hadn’t been so hot we would have picked way more. 

IMG_9128IMG_9132 IMG_9140
IMG_9162 IMG_9167 The kiddos seemed so grown up. They enjoyed holding hands, hugging each other, running through the trees, eating blueberries, and carrying their pails.  They learned pretty quickly to only pick the blue ones. Every time they ate a none blue berry they would spit it out and make the funniest faces. It was a great way to be hands on while learning their colors. They both kept saying “blue,” or “green.” Most of the time they said it in the right context.IMG_9170 IMG_9173 IMG_9174 IMG_9184 IMG_9193

If you are looking for something a little out of the box this summer we highly recommend going to the Swift Creek Berry Farm. Everyone there was friendly, and their blueberry season lasts into August. They had fresh produce, herbs, plants, and homemade blueberry pies as well, so we’ll have to get back there soon. IMG_9135

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