Independence Day 2014

Happy (belated) Independence Day everyone!

Can we talk about how amazing the weather was this year in Virginia? It felt more like early September than July. I, for one, embraced the nice change in weather and a break from all of the steaming hot July 4ths in previous years. We spent the day with family in Powhatan, which always has a great, American, country kinda feel to it. Caleb really enjoyed playing/riding on his Pop-Pop’s tractor; or, as he calls it, “trak-tu.” Paul drove him around their land, and Caleb was laughing and smiling the whole time. Every once in a while he yelled, “Momma!” I guess just to make  sure I was still watching him.

For lunch/dinner we had the whole Myers family over to Nanny and Pop-Pop’s. Paul grilled some yummy burgers and nanny made delicious side dishes. Caleb really enjoyed the food. He ate an entire turkey burger and a big helping of beans. After our meal, the guys (well mostly the kids) played ball.

We went to Goochland to see their firework show. I wasn’t worried a bit about Caleb being scared of the fireworks. Loud noises usually make Caleb curious, not so much scared. Just like last year, the fireworks were great and Caleb loved them. He kept saying, “wow” and “it cool.” He even took a little 30 second nap during the firework show.

IMG_6215 IMG_6256

I let Caleb help me decorate the traditional  American Flag cake. He enjoyed helping, but I had to let him play because he was eating all the decorations!IMG_6227

My little quarterback. But seriously, this dude can throw!


Caleb had a blast playing with these little American flags that we bought in the beloved $1.00 section at Target. 

Daddy had a much bigger flag.

IMG_6275 Caleb thought what Paul did was so funny, when he picked up the big flag and ran around the yard.IMG_6266


Waiting for the fireworks in our oh so patriotic chairs!


IMG_6303 IMG_6251

IMG_6293 IMG_6298 IMG_6300

The sleeping little man. 10442946_10103092469972862_706261929557224195_nI hope y’all had a wonderful Independence Day! How did your family celebrate?



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