Pretzel-making fail

Once a month, Short Pump Town Center is doing a free summer activity for kids.  For the month of July, Auntie Anne’s showed the kids how to make their famous pretzels. While we waited in line, the kids could decorate their own aprons with crayons. The whole experience from start to finish was very entertaining. Not to mention the lego table they had set up just outside the line, and the play area that was also nice for moms with older kids who were tired of standing in the line. When it was our turn to step up to the table things went down hill quickly.

Caleb was so happy and curious in the line. But as soon as the friendly employee told Caleb it was his turn, he had a major meltdown. He didn’t want to look at the dough, touch the dough, wear his apron, or talk to anyone. All he could do was hold on to his mommy and cry.

Jolie, on the other hand, loved it! Standing with her little apron on, she rolled the dough as if she had been doing it her whole life!

Auntie Anne’s even gave out free pretzels, which was worth the wait! It was a really cool experience for the kids. Jolie could be the next great pretzel maker and Caleb may never get another chance like that to cry while making a pretzel.

















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