Gender Reveal

We finally know what we are having, and can finally tell you what it is! We are so happy to announce that we are expecting a sweet baby GIRL! Her name will be Jessa Noel. Jessa means God beholds, and Noel has two meanings – God brings good news and a celebration of Christ. Which we felt the meaning of her full name was pretty fitting considering the journey we took getting pregnant. If you’re wondering if I got the name Jessa from the show 19 Kids and Counting, you would be 100% correct! I heard her name on the show and fell in love with it, and when I researched the meaning of her name I knew it would be the perfect name for my daughter.

I have to be honest, I completely thought I was going to have another boy. This pregnancy has been identical to my first, and everyone says, with girls, their pregnancy was harder. My whole life I just figured I would end up with all the same gender, like most of the people in my family. So when they said it was a girl (at least they were 75% sure it was a girl) I was in shock – over the moon excited – but in shock none the less. It took, maybe, three days or so for it to sink in.

The day that we found out I had to stay away from my family, which was a little difficult because our A/C went out that morning, so Caleb and I were hanging out at their house to stay cool. I can’t keep a secret from my family; they can read me like a book.  They tried their best to get me to slip, but I didn’t say a peep.

Once both of our families met at our house, we had everyone write down their guess. Was it going to be a boy or a girl? Earlier in the day, we took a big balloon and filled it with confetti. The tricky part was that the confetti was sticking to us. Before everyone got there, we inspected each other for any pink confetti evidence. Then we had everyone meet outside for the big reveal!

IMG_6195 IMG_6199 IMG_6201


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