Bump Update: 20 Weeks & A 20 Month Old


 As you may have read, we are expecting a little baby girl! I’m fighting the urge to by head bands, bows, shoes, and pretty girly clothes. So, in between fighting temptations, I have really been enjoying this phase in my pregnancy. My energy is back in full force. I just cant seem to sit still for too long; however, when I do sit, it’s almost impossible to regain speed.

Around 16 weeks I started feeling the most wonderful little butterfly movments in my belly. Around 18 weeks, Paul started feeling them too! Now, at 22 weeks, Jessa’s kicks have progressed from a slight feeling to a powerful movement. I can see her at times, moving around in my belly. She has already started to get hiccups, which was really funny when even Caleb noticed the strange movements my belly was making.

She tends to stay low in my belly; however, she’s never in one place for too long.

Caleb has been growing up so much. It’s hard at times to tell who is growing faster:  Jessa or Caleb. He is talking so much and can say a few sentences. At the moment, his favorite toy to play with is his Mickey Mouse clubhouse play hut. He will get inside and yell out “come!” Which means he wants you to poke your head in and see him inside of his play house. I’m trying to break his habit of playing with our phones. If he sees them he will beg for them. He seriously knows how to use my phone better than I do. He creates playlists, watches videos of himself, takes pictures, and takes videos.

He’s shown a lot of interest in the potty, and sitting at the table with us instead of a highchair.

I have run out of hand-me-downs. I guess when a boy turns 2 he really starts to trash his clothes. So to start bulking up his fall wardrobe, I went with Grace & Jolie to the Once Upon a Child clearance sale. It’s still going on now and if you need clothes for your little ones you should check it out. Everything on clearance is $1.00. Also the kid to kid in Midlothian has all of their fall clothes out on the shelves. During tax-free weekend, Kid to Kid is also offering 15% off if you “like” their Facebook page. I recently sold some things to them, so I got to use my store credit on some fall clothes for the kiddos and a few maternity items for myself.

I hope y’all have a great weekend!

IMG_6034 10401883_10103006786877472_8543403520616553953_n 10501597_10103071970104762_7547505421462255426_n IMG_6327 IMG_6338


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